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respected flag, nice guy.
papito1900 on Saturday July 20, 2013
KILL ON SITE, and he boils kittens
Happy Happington on Tuesday July 9, 2013
good and fair player
ShogoKawada[BR] on Monday July 8, 2013
fair player
znarf on Thursday July 4, 2013
Fucking tramp
Tempz on Monday July 1, 2013
interesting fair player.
MaxWanted on Sunday June 23, 2013
i like your fair fight style
spman on Saturday June 22, 2013
What? why do you call me a stabber? I asked you to flag up many times... and you didn't, or couldn't, as you like... i took 1 land, just one, to allow both you and me to put up real flags...
Manua De Cia on Thursday June 20, 2013
Hid in corner when all else flagged to the first because he had a bottleneck between him and first. then accuses 1st of PGA! Another idiot.
Groper on Tuesday June 18, 2013
try to actually watch a game before claiming PGA. can't walk in and assume you know what's going on
Styl on Tuesday June 18, 2013
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