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Fidel Cashflow

my papa said son dont let the man get ya, n do wat he done 2 me
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Backstabber. Untrustworthy.
Neo Ikol on Sunday August 25, 2013
literally worse than hitler
Fidel Cashflow on Sunday August 25, 2013
muehleck83 on Saturday August 17, 2013
Playing with Fidel Cashflow was one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life. Honourable, respectful, and merciful, he is the kind of player we should all aspire to be like. Valiantly striving to expose corrupt PGAers and conniving hackers, Fidel Cashflow is just the kind of hero KDice so desperately needs.
Big Punisher on Thursday August 8, 2013
PGA WITH Big Punisher dont trsut him
MATYLF on Wednesday August 7, 2013
PGA with Fidel Cashflow
ProVVe on Wednesday August 7, 2013
total garbage...lives in a shitty country what do you expect?
Easy A on Tuesday August 6, 2013
Agree with all the negative comments. Really not a pleasant encounter, one might say.
Vestbanebarn on Monday April 29, 2013
will stab u
queerer on Monday April 29, 2013
cemt2307 on Monday April 29, 2013
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