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Tony Snow

my papa said son dont let the man get u, do what he done to me
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Complained when losing territories, crying and insulting when the game does not turn in his favor, immature.
@LevesqueLemaire on Friday May 10, 2013
this is an unworthy guy. avoid playing with him.
w0nd3r on Friday May 10, 2013
if he is losing and doesnt know another argument he will come up with hitler-stuff.... seems to be a very smart one
Mrs. M on Thursday May 9, 2013
don't trust him, he will backstab
jiminykickit on Tuesday April 16, 2013
Game Placed Kills Dom Att:Def Luck Rounds Score Rank Bart Lee Apr 16, 10:49 PM CDT 1st 5 100 % 59 : 41 55.3 % 39 563◆ (+212) 590th---5 KILLS B*TCH
Tony Snow on Tuesday April 16, 2013
Backstabbed 1st
SandraDiazTwine on Tuesday April 16, 2013
Nur ein Arschloch das hoffentlich im wahren Leben erschossen wird. Einige Menschen sollte es nicht geben dürfen, Du bist einer davon. Alle Scheiße dieses Universums auf Dich und Deine Familie.
Louis Cypher on Tuesday April 16, 2013
Should be monitored for PGA
portsomerdale on Monday April 15, 2013
Cooperated with a backstabber.
kdoto on Monday April 15, 2013
lying prick, stab city, don't trust this guy. Kept talking about his love for children to
Hidden Agenda on Monday April 15, 2013
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