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Very fair player you can trust him
samB96 on Monday December 30, 2013
strange play without flag for another player 2vs 1 me
Secret Powers on Wednesday December 25, 2013
not respecting the players
xSido on Saturday December 14, 2013
3x backstabbing in one game?!
Salige on Sunday December 8, 2013
i can only repeat myself he is a fair player!
LOLzocker on Friday November 22, 2013
"good one", "fair gamer", "honest and fair" .... serious thats what i thought about you as well - until you attacked me and took 3 lands of mine although we were kinda silent truced and until you sat on your butt while the one in 1st disrespected my real flag coz i didnt want to roll for 3rd with 2-lands-guy when i had 7 lands - and funny after i got killed you could move your ass towards that 2-land-guy....... NEVER expect me to help you whenever something unfair happens to you, you fool
Mrs. M on Thursday November 21, 2013
good one
Hedol on Sunday November 10, 2013
fair gamer, fun to play with, thx
Fieselfink on Wednesday November 6, 2013
fair player
ghj luigi on Wednesday September 25, 2013
ty for the kill
vuk on Wednesday September 18, 2013
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