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calls you a whiner if you lag and say anything about it. you really are a dumbass.
Lalita Lani on Sunday February 14, 2016
full of shit! PGA player
cipo3a on Tuesday January 26, 2016
ugly teamplayer
Terkal on Saturday December 26, 2015
At the end he decided to PGE with Bhivedine. Ignored real flag without any good reason. You wanna kill him at the very beginning rather than leaving the game to his 'sense of justice'.
TheCleanerPL on Saturday November 7, 2015
Great player!
Bhivedine on Saturday November 7, 2015
PGA with svartvit. and a piece of shit.
du11 on Sunday September 27, 2015
kaiosezzar on Thursday March 26, 2015
tries to act innocent but is a stabber
greeen on Saturday November 29, 2014
accepted flag and then killed me in a tournament. do not trust. saw him do the same to two others. since then stabbed me again. i flagged him figuring maybe i was holding a grudge. stabbed me again. seriously do not trust.
timquick on Saturday November 29, 2014
patetic player and patetic reviews...go out!!
7omas on Thursday November 27, 2014
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