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Please do not curse me when you loose! Stand up and try again.Please do not curse me when you loose! Stand up and try again.
ivangroznyj on Friday May 31, 2013
not able to notice when you are clearly moving away from him...or too ignorant...doesnt matter how fast you run away from him he will follow you as if there wouldnt be another color on the board
Mrs. M on Friday May 31, 2013
Lying cheat. He V-flags but wont put it up, meanwhile he'll stay quite in the chat when you tell him to put up a real flag. When the guy in 1st realized what was happening he fought back and then all of a sudden Ivan's keyboard started working again and then he just wouldn't stop whining in chat. KILL ON SITE!
818L8 on Tuesday May 7, 2013
Very dirty player Flagged me for 2nd and then tried to stay quiet in chat until he had the opportunity to try and take 1st from me, luckily for me 818L8 alerted me to his intentions so i was able to prevent this from happening so i would avoid this player where possible!!!
lovemachine2507 on Tuesday May 7, 2013
Total chump
Tri Ang on Sunday January 20, 2013
Meet your maker, BITCH!
I'm Sylvester on Saturday January 12, 2013
Ivan, I offered a flag you never accepted and then attacked. I understand the frustration of your loss but I didnt backstab. Please rescind review.
@DHSCoachC on Friday January 11, 2013
Fact: This guy attacked a flagged player.
Fingerbib on Friday December 28, 2012
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