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happy new year's. enjoy the cocoa +chat +play jurgen 9:32 AM, Sunday January 5, 2014 EST
ruining a 100 tourney and not respecting the deadline I gave to stop -chat -play jurgen 2:56 AM, Tuesday June 4, 2013 EDT

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Fairest player. Never stabs, great at 1v1. Watch out for this guy!!!
whimsical on Wednesday August 31, 2016
piece of shit!!!!!
Maze78 on Wednesday August 31, 2016
Never trust this guy. Backstabber. Liar.
tommyHH on Tuesday July 26, 2016
what an asshole flags and then attacks
@don15037249 on Sunday May 31, 2015
dddddddddddddddddddddaaasdfgasgdgg dont read below dasdfasgshfsdjsdatthjsdadsghsjdhsd sadhdfshsfdhsdfhsdhdfhsdhfs dsdfhsdfhsdfhsdfhsdfhs fsdfhsdhdfhs fffffffffgdagsdagddxcgcccgggcx . . . sszzxa
Petermh on Monday January 20, 2014
Posted review in wrong spot.
Buttwank on Thursday June 13, 2013
The deadline to stop was to hunt ducks, blame him. I don't buy your excuse either.
jurgen on Sunday June 9, 2013
possible hall of famer. played a tourney game with 1400+ rounds without any attacky, looks like a definite payifist to me...
rocka09 on Tuesday June 4, 2013
tourney destroyer, with duck hunt
LexViolators on Tuesday June 4, 2013
tourney destroyer, with duck hunt
elvissey on Tuesday June 4, 2013
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