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Deanna Troi on Thursday February 7, 2013
epic asshole, dont trust him...
xGrantel on Thursday February 7, 2013
doesn't respect flag
gamaudit on Saturday February 2, 2013
cool player!
MUTOMBA on Saturday December 22, 2012
a hider piece of shit
justice4all on Monday December 17, 2012
Whines. Like, a LOT.
DentArthurDent on Friday December 14, 2012
pga player
Zaentz on Thursday December 6, 2012
has no clue what the ef she's doing.. just kill her and ur game will be better for it. flags to me early on.. and oh what da know ends up killing me later on. when u get the chance ..take er out
Amoos on Thursday December 6, 2012
backstabber, atked after flagged ,farmer and idiot
ada131 on Tuesday December 4, 2012
So dumb that i have no words for it. Dont trust her.
@asd_asdfg123 on Tuesday December 4, 2012
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