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i am nice player, i respect those who respect me, .. i kill cunts assholes and knobs who play not fair. Those write bad reviews bc they are jealoues bitchies...
KillwithSkill on Friday March 21, 2014
Backstabber! Flaged and than attacked to take first!
tormentum222 on Friday March 21, 2014
cast iron definite PGA with Qaziyev. Blatent co-ordination in the chat.
t1n on Thursday March 20, 2014
questionable pga with prymus - sorry to remember you as a fair player
Mrs. M on Monday March 3, 2014
pga with kkbomb
recooked on Wednesday February 26, 2014
pga with bivo
Ruvinchen on Monday February 24, 2014
pga with AustriaInvest
marcb on Friday September 20, 2013
noob player and ashole
Egazas on Friday July 12, 2013
stabs in a tourney, with Egazas and spman. Zzz.
Mercantile on Friday July 12, 2013
stupid spammer during tournys wont shut up and im am only 14 and he was calling me a dick sucker and other bad things not to be spoken of and acting like a child
moneymaker$$ on Sunday June 30, 2013
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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