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Lachlan McIntosh

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This player has been modded by the community

banned on player request for 2 ish months, any mod is free to unban upon player request again -play jurgen 6:23 AM, Monday July 27, 2015 EDT

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Very nice guy
mymc on Thursday November 28, 2013
Backstabber, don't trust him
Deovolt001 on Tuesday November 26, 2013
Kind & fair.
voxall on Friday November 15, 2013
Nice guy, plays well
Hennessy on Friday November 15, 2013
I think he's smart and fair.
uolter on Friday November 15, 2013
one of those shit players you wish didn't play.
TheBetterYodel on Friday October 25, 2013
Is a little bitch... pge you then crys when you dont accept his flags
Gonna4v4U on Thursday October 17, 2013
You speak of intelligence, well I don't care if you did find that dumb. Because I looked at it like Dude111 said "all vs blue". So, I took that in consideration and made my move on what suited me best. Also, I did win a 3 way roll too for the win.
pooch723 on Tuesday October 15, 2013
Seljacina on Saturday October 12, 2013
backstabber pga with pipacs
@Gurbiss on Saturday October 12, 2013
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