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I just want meet fair players
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dumbest and luckiest player i've ever seen
Fatih Sultan on Sunday January 10, 2021
Steve Urkel's red headed step brother
MrsGrendler on Monday December 7, 2020
can not read the game, so be please indulgent to him...
katerblau on Monday June 15, 2020
teamplayer with Killroy. please kill this guy, who is not accepting flags, asap!
Rafkrik on Tuesday April 23, 2019
Smart and fair player and sophisticated person.
Ipe on Wednesday December 19, 2018
mate i took 1 land so I could claim my first as i was blocked in. you need to learn the rules of engagement.
No Cycling on Monday December 17, 2018
Did I even play against you to get that strange review? O_o
vd9 on Thursday July 5, 2018
Dude, check replay: https://kdice.com/games/80509165 No hard feelings, you just have to pay more attention to the game. Good luck! :)
fgfx on Friday January 5, 2018
stab in tourney, dont trust him
@audisurenyahudi on Wednesday January 3, 2018
Player does not understand spirit of the game. Kill on sight.
konstak on Tuesday October 31, 2017
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