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PGA or double account with kurwa_pendecho
Aleksa_bre on Saturday November 14, 2020
Complains when he gets outplayed. Then actually tracked me down at my next table to claim he took 2nd in the next game when he really went out early. Apparently forgot it's easy to look up stats on his profile. Pretty funny, actually.
Bart Lee on Sunday December 28, 2014
fuckin jerk
fletch85 on Thursday December 18, 2014
how can you explain this "guy"...i use the term guy loosely as he is more of a female IMO. He whines when he doesn't get his way, tries various ways to stab while explaining how it isnt, will just flat out stab, pga's left and right, talks mad crap for a unemployeed nerdy kid who lives with his parents, and lives on kdice and most importantly, is just really POOR at this game.
Vasha9276 on Thursday December 18, 2014
pls remove chat ban from Kurwa_pendecho.
Kurwa_II on Monday January 6, 2014
just a bad player.
TimeR_rW on Tuesday December 31, 2013
he screams to his mom for a fair game but knows nothing about that fairness.
Tippy G on Wednesday December 25, 2013
backstabber, dont trust him!
Carmocha on Wednesday December 25, 2013
a little kid, not trustable
slyner on Saturday November 30, 2013
Fucking wanker - you don't listen!!!
mgdruss on Monday June 17, 2013
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