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dont trust him
NLW on Tuesday May 21, 2013
I agree with Loobee. YOU ARE.
Pokemon Trainer on Sunday September 9, 2012
you are crazy!
Loobee on Tuesday September 4, 2012
pga with rednttautology
Primeval on Monday September 3, 2012
dont trust him
Nordic on Monday September 3, 2012
Sorry for my move, I admit I could have been nicer, in return I hope you look up backstabber in the dicetionary because you're using it wrong.
Äkäkäkäkä! on Sunday September 2, 2012
pga with many players
Ttoronto on Saturday September 1, 2012
Nekad kad sam skroz sam, upravo tad... primjetim da nisam nikad licno ja potpuno skroz sam !!!
tvor on Monday August 20, 2012
good player
andrea92 on Sunday August 19, 2012
makes me sad for human race, total wacko-made PGA promise for..listen to this carefully... losing a roll against me. no, it was no other cause, yes. interesting exemplar of fucked up head.
gontis on Sunday August 19, 2012
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