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nope -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -avatar jurgen 8:56 AM, Sunday December 15, 2013 EST
Time served. +chat +post KDICEMOD 4:20 PM, Saturday August 18, 2012 EDT
3 day chat/post ban for spamming. -chat -post KDICEMOD 9:30 AM, Tuesday August 14, 2012 EDT

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fucking bacstabber
koki1212 on Saturday January 19, 2013
backstabbing -> pge -> 3 times last @100
hobgob on Thursday August 30, 2012
Called someone as pga, and totally fucking ruined a game!
dislexable on Saturday August 18, 2012
Dracula_666 X: y do u want to fight? bivo: is not fair PeaceDog: loco_dice was being a dick Dracula_666 X: why do u fight me? Dracula_666 X: i was 2nd PeaceDog: I was giving you another chance at 1 PeaceDog: but now you take advantage Dracula_666 X: u said u wanted to fight Dracula_666 X: i was sitting out PeaceDog: you said u didn't want to fight, so I didn't take from you to make it even Dracula_666 X: gg PeaceDog: gg PeaceDog: really? Dracula_666 X: lol Dracula_666 X: gg Dracula_666 X: lol nexeto is here PeaceDog has left nexeto has left Dracula_666 X has left LAIR BAD PLAYER FLAG TO AND ATACK!
bivo on Monday August 13, 2012
I think he's got some mental issues
Koudas on Thursday August 9, 2012
Cool dude, we had fun :D
GodAlmighty on Wednesday August 8, 2012
the post you see below ...is the next bivo in training....
Dracula_666 X on Tuesday August 7, 2012
manuvi2 on Monday August 6, 2012
i like you <3 :DD
NiceEffects on Sunday August 5, 2012
you are an idiot.
90s Music on Sunday August 5, 2012
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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