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dont trust him !!!
sirocco on Monday November 24, 2014
I didn't hit this player all game, when I could have done him some major damage during the start (instead I decided to go around him) - This did him a massive favour, something that he should have noticed. I then write lets truce to a weak flag that another player does... he ignores it...Next round, I lose my highest stack due to shit luck with a lower stack.. then the fucktard decides to kill me. No honour in this cunt, even though I was helping him get a higher position.
Axl Rose Sucks on Friday November 21, 2014
Kind of a knob.
Michalak1 on Wednesday September 3, 2014
Egazas on Wednesday August 7, 2013
a pure noob player
Katrina_11 on Monday August 5, 2013
awesome tourny player
l3roken on Sunday August 4, 2013
completely agree with zebre
yxalag1uoi on Friday November 23, 2012
learn the game! a truce is not a pga.
ButterflyEffect on Monday November 5, 2012
his pleasure : only fuck the game
Zebre on Monday October 29, 2012
stupid asshole
beekmans on Sunday October 28, 2012
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