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Serseri Mayin

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pga with Alperen Kalay
Dude111 on Friday August 28, 2020
Great player. Strong strategy. Seems not part of turkish pga cartel.
Donnie_Darko on Wednesday August 12, 2020
fuck you mother prostitute idiot u rember you
bivo on Wednesday February 4, 2015
PGA with IFIGENIUSI in 0 table. shame yourself.
llalla on Wednesday December 31, 2014
weak flagger
Rafkrik on Sunday January 12, 2014
idk doesnt respect others. Cut me when I was fighting just to kill other guy with 2 lands. Almost fucked me for no reason...
Egazas on Sunday January 12, 2014
Good player, let me the kill pts :)
diceptr on Saturday January 11, 2014
Left me the kill points after he became second and kept his promise.
Matthias Baetens on Sunday January 5, 2014
fair player
pszyman on Thursday December 12, 2013
lick my ass you piggy bitch
CzarciSrom on Wednesday August 7, 2013
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