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doesnt honour flags! pga with grandgnu
kasse1 on Monday February 25, 2013
plays pga from beginning. n´boring idiot
Fieselfink on Wednesday February 20, 2013
Just a note, the bad reviews on May 10th were the first time I ever played and I didn't understand the flagging.
turn2 on Wednesday July 25, 2012
SUPER honorable. killed a backstabber trying to give him first over me after he had flagged me. great player
Fieri on Wednesday July 25, 2012
pga bob
bitchsmackmeup on Friday May 18, 2012
great respectable player. he flagged me early on but then he owned all the board but my 'tiny' area and he still wanted me 2 have 1st, i gave it 2 him because he played well and i was just lucky at the start. GREAT GUY!!!! i completly disagree with the past reviews!!!
Ice Fire on Wednesday May 16, 2012
fuck you beysbi idiot im rember you asholle!
bivo on Thursday May 10, 2012
Will your ignore your flag with no reason given. Shoot at sight.
Louis Cypher on Thursday May 10, 2012
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