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final warning to hit your friends more and not to pga! +play jurgen 11:12 AM, Sunday September 1, 2013 EDT
I was still saving up this ban in order to maybe catch others too but since you haven't been active lately, no more point in waiting. Start hitting your friends. -play jurgen 8:44 AM, Monday August 19, 2013 EDT
gl, keep your promises please :) +chat +play +post jurgen 4:15 PM, Monday August 6, 2012 EDT
read your ban comment, I asked you not to play ANY account -chat -post jurgen 4:14 AM, Friday August 3, 2012 EDT
You didn't even bother to listen to me when I just tried to warn you about your playstyle so that means one week ban. Please don't pga or protect your friends. If you play and alt this week, I will ban it too. Take a week off. -play jurgen 7:07 PM, Thursday August 2, 2012 EDT

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didn't accepted my flag...
avesano on Thursday December 30, 2021
zioro3 on Tuesday October 31, 2017
backstabber. kill at sight.
avigdor on Wednesday October 5, 2016
a player to rely on. will not backstab
havoc99 on Thursday July 7, 2016
does not respect flags. pga with slim p
Virlomi on Wednesday July 6, 2016
greeen on Wednesday July 6, 2016
PGA with lionkingtheking, really douchy player
Vilosofy on Sunday June 26, 2016
pga with lipos
Henrik on Sunday March 8, 2015
wow, not nice to play with, very stupid tho, he truce and pga, kill a flagged player just to get more land after he offer to protected him....
papito1900 on Wednesday January 29, 2014
no honor, i flagged and he asked for my help, i sat out for a few turns and he killed me. Not nice!
sews4wampum on Wednesday January 29, 2014
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