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seems to be friends with Tarilonte - screwed me complety over by cutting me into 5 single islands after i flagged him, telling me "ooops sorry" just to take the islands as well instead of giving chance to reconnect -- and that way he protected Tarilonte from getting killed by me so Tarilonte could get 4th
Mrs. M on Saturday May 16, 2015
good canadian dude, knew my proff from undergrad!
CuteKittens on Tuesday May 5, 2015
At least he announced his stab in advance. ("I'm kinda known for this anyway.")
doodly on Saturday February 1, 2014
jsyn1230: damn jsyn1230: flag yellow jsyn1230: if you still accept DontMessWithMee: ok ty gavinccl has left doodly: brown sit for 2? jsyn1230: ok aplan4you has left jsyn1230: you should make use of your island though jsyn1230: actually too late doodly: oh i will doodly: neutral defeated 2v1, 10 to 2, (4,6 to 2) not helpful jsyn1230: lol jsyn1230: wow i am in a perfect position to stab DontMessWithMee: please dont lol doodly: you must be a reformed stabber jsyn1230: i am gonna stab jsyn1230: i am known for doing this anyways doodly: you can do it man doodly: one day at a time doodly: call your sponsor doodly: stabbers anonymous jsyn1230: ok here it comes jsyn1230: this is it
DontMessWithMee on Saturday February 1, 2014
deserves aids
I Pitty The Fool on Wednesday January 29, 2014
tried to stab. got flogged :) but is still a stabber
Cameron Lucas on Saturday January 18, 2014
I pounded him he cried...almost pitiful. Enjoys shouting and insulting in chat, even when u left. Tried to truce but got negative results :D, will be waiting for you or your alt acc or whatsoever
papito1900 on Saturday January 4, 2014
Deovolt001 on Tuesday October 22, 2013
StevenTyler on Tuesday October 22, 2013
good player... and my opinion: truce is always > flag ;) but I guess you know
Liptak on Monday October 21, 2013
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