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free, don't pga anymore please +play jurgen 4:36 AM, Wednesday November 26, 2014 EST
pga -play jurgen 4:25 PM, Friday November 7, 2014 EST
pga -play jurgen 4:25 PM, Friday November 7, 2014 EST

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Tries to truce against you when you're on your way to get 1st (asks "1/2?" to another guy, frees his big stack), which is perfectly normal, it's part of the game. But he doesn't understand the fact that i don't accept his flag after that. Nothing personal though.
GodAlmighty on Friday October 9, 2015
A worthy opponent, happy trails bud!
DonnieScribbles on Friday September 11, 2015
doesnt respect flags in tournies
TimeR_rW on Friday August 14, 2015
watch your mouth. Or i will remind you next time.
O_SO_SMOOTH14 on Thursday August 13, 2015
gunboy on Friday July 10, 2015
PGA with RACSO77 in tourny
Smoke Two Joints on Wednesday May 6, 2015
i don't really care for him. protects his friends over fairness. tends to drag out games. not pga-er, but like a lot of high level players on kdice always seems to err on the side of helping other highly ranked players. screwed me a couple of times recently.
timquick on Monday December 1, 2014
we had a nice final 2 tourney
KingRussy on Wednesday September 3, 2014
Complete backstabber. DO NOT TRUST! He killed me after he accepted my flag and I was winning the battle for 2nd place.
arkenkor on Wednesday September 3, 2014
stabbed in tourney on last game before headsup.
Schwabba_is_back on Tuesday August 26, 2014
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