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Georges Gonzague

Good luck all !
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Very nice.
pifpaf on Tuesday May 19, 2015
Good guy, was nice tourneying with him! Very nice to all and a completely fair player. Only downside is he's pretty good!
AYBG on Monday February 11, 2013
Really a nice player!
D.A.M on Wednesday January 30, 2013
Very respectable and nice player. It was a pleasure! Best of luck to you.
CheshireUZ on Monday January 14, 2013
Fair player, understands the game and don't try to mess up with other's game. More than that, nice person. Had a great time playing with him! - usually I do not copy reviews... but this is deserved! TY mate, hope to see you around, take care.
harrymaier on Friday July 13, 2012
fair player! nice strategy
vistakojis on Friday July 13, 2012
very fair player! i like to play with him
longray on Thursday July 12, 2012
fair guy
megaprosper on Wednesday June 27, 2012
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