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stop crying pleseâ?¦ bobo
CELLBOX on Wednesday August 22, 2018
Hi buddy! Not PGA with CELLBOX, just met him in that game. We happen to be from the same country and city, we don't even have each other as friends lol. If you remember the game we attacked each other and then it was an implicit truce, but nvm... You seem to be a good player I guess.-
diro on Wednesday August 22, 2018
Sore loser. Whines a lot.
gtalum on Monday August 20, 2018
Loyalty in person. Du hast mich Schuld gelehrt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVogrVWR5wQ
OviloN on Tuesday January 19, 2016
i never stabbed.
freaky like me on Friday December 18, 2015
is a stabber
TheDarkKnight on Wednesday September 9, 2015
plays an unfair game at tounament and does not respect flags
Tippy G on Sunday November 9, 2014
haha. getting stabbed once, the other is a wanker. getting stabbed twice, the other is an idiot. getting stabbed 3 times... ur the idiot. by the way this happens if u cant pga, u lose.
teritaer on Saturday December 7, 2013
pga pleyers sont trust him
beyazguvercinuss on Thursday July 18, 2013
fuck you sistr and beybiu im rember you!PGA MORON WITH bcmatteagles
bivo on Wednesday June 12, 2013
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