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Dan Gadbois

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Recognized on 11:34 PM, Sunday April 30, 2017 EDT by integral
gl 2 alls friends lets warrr

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it worked! sorry to taint your nice wall :D +play jurgen 8:50 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT
trying to fix a broken table -play jurgen 8:49 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT

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Dan Gadbois finishes 2nd in round 3 Dan Gadbois stands up Carloos: wow Carloos: douche Carloos: after I GAVE u 2 kills
Carloos on Tuesday February 18, 2020
Something happen Dan? You've changed
Created on Sunday December 15, 2019
Historically a pretty good guy. Surprising then that he just totally hung me out to dry after I could have killed him and instead went on a kamikaze mission against the leader. -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
PeteyC on Wednesday December 11, 2019
well what to say about Dan? He's for sure a person with strong personality... doesnt cares about rules or any bullshit
davilfs on Thursday November 14, 2019
i take it back, he gives 1 out of 10 kills
sw1ft25 on Wednesday May 1, 2019
Cappyy on Wednesday September 12, 2018
Backstabber. Never accept his flag
tatalor on Sunday May 13, 2018
generalissimus S on Saturday March 31, 2018
ass taster
portsomerdale on Saturday December 16, 2017
stupid player and he is always high.... :/ ..l..(O_X)..l..
Fraghunter on Thursday November 23, 2017
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