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Recognized on 11:34 PM, Sunday April 30, 2017 EDT by integral
gl 2 alls friends lets warrr

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it worked! sorry to taint your nice wall :D +play jurgen 8:50 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT
trying to fix a broken table -play jurgen 8:49 AM, Thursday March 28, 2019 EDT

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Dont expect help of him when you play against proxies... http://kdice.com/games/90199475
Aleksa_bre on Thursday October 21, 2021
Some days he's ok and his old self. Some days total jerk.
818L8 on Saturday February 27, 2021
Serseri Mayin on Wednesday June 17, 2020
Gran jugador
Francisco Lezana on Monday May 11, 2020
Dan Gadbois finishes 2nd in round 3 Dan Gadbois stands up Carloos: wow Carloos: douche Carloos: after I GAVE u 2 kills
Carloos on Tuesday February 18, 2020
Something happen Dan? You've changed
Created on Sunday December 15, 2019
Historically a pretty good guy. Surprising then that he just totally hung me out to dry after I could have killed him and instead went on a kamikaze mission against the leader. -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
PeteyC on Wednesday December 11, 2019
well what to say about Dan? He's for sure a person with strong personality... doesnt cares about rules or any bullshit
davilfs on Thursday November 14, 2019
i take it back, he gives 1 out of 10 kills
sw1ft25 on Wednesday May 1, 2019
Cappyy on Wednesday September 12, 2018
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