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pga -chat -play -post jurgen 4:55 PM, Saturday November 3, 2012 EDT

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I love this girls song.
Deepak Kumar on Thursday December 13, 2012
Sosanka on Saturday October 6, 2012
Blasphem on Monday September 3, 2012
2012-08-31 Rebecca Black, the old backstabber, web boy, and chat jerk, rears his ugly head again. All chat below is verbatim as always. ++++++++++ Rebecca Black: hik pie ---------- dread money: hik ---------- Rebecca Black: hi pie ---------- 3.14159: howdy ---------- Rebecca Black: remember me bitch ass pie ########## ---------- Rebecca Black: 50 aacounts ---------- dread money: rofl ---------- Rebecca Black: different accounts ---------- 3.14159: Rebecca Black is another new name for the same old backstabber, web boy, and chat jerk. ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah thats me ---------- Rebecca Black: remember me ---------- 3.14159: sure, after looking at your reviews i remember--otherwise, no ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah ---------- Rebecca Black: nice right ---------- dread money: bilbo ---------- Richard Rolle: hi ---------- Rebecca Black: hi pie ---------- moparmagic: stfu green jesus ---------- Rebecca Black: moparmagic ---------- Rebecca Black: i basckstabbed you once ########## ---------- Rebecca Black: remember ---------- Rebecca Black: ackstabn ---------- Richard Rolle: wow people seem to really hate each other on here ---------- Rebecca Black: backstab ---------- 3.14159: rebecca just can't get over the thrill of being a chat jerk, backstabber, and web boy ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah these guys are noobs ---------- dread money: lol ---------- Rebecca Black: they take this serious ---------- 3.14159: i don't hate rebecca--rebecca is like the rats and cockroaces we can not eliminate entirely ---------- 3.14159: you learn to live with them ---------- dread money: have you learned to love him? ---------- Rebecca Black: just a game ---------- 3.14159: the GAME is just a game--your behavior is immature and bad for kdice ---------- 3.14159: which is fine if you are a chat jerk ---------- dread money: buttwank ---------- moparmagic: he's buttwank? haha ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah but you really take my trolling serious ---------- dread money: FDSFSAFDALOFJDSIGF ---------- Rebecca Black: like you really get mad ---------- 3.14159: not at all ---------- 3.14159: i don't care about you at all, rb ---------- Rebecca Black: and write serious messages ---------- 3.14159: i do it for the 97% who are NOT chat jerks ---------- hunterp: how long until we can play new tables? ---------- moparmagic: like tomorrow some time hunter ---------- 3.14159: "serious"? you think this is serious? really? how pathetic ---------- Rebecca Black: just a game though ---------- hunterp: Why there is such a lag? ---------- Rebecca Black: i remember i backstabbed you pie ########## ---------- dread money: BOOM ---------- Rebecca Black: backstab ---------- Rebecca Black: thank you for writing about me ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ ++++++++++ 2012-02-12 Rebecca Black is another new name for the same old backstabber, web boy, and chat jerk. He was gone from Kdice for a few months, but now he is back. He was not missed and is not welcome now. (Unless he becomes civilized, honorable, and polite. Then he might be allowed back in polite company.) Chat below is verbatim as always. Rebecca Black is green. ++++++++++ Rebecca Black: pie? ---------- Rebecca Black: ? ---------- 3.14159: pi? ---------- Rebecca Black: what are you doing at a 0 table?? ---------- 3.14159: i only play 0 tables ---------- Rebecca Black: remember me bitch ass pie?? ########## ---------- 3.14159: didn't you sing that horrible song? ---------- Rebecca Black: no i used to spam you ---------- 3.14159: yes, that was you ---------- Rebecca Black: with 50 different accounts ########## ---------- Rebecca Black: you used to give me long reviews ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah ---------- 3.14159: i only posted what YOU said ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah ---------- xXLotusXx: http://www.nyancat.cat/ ---------- Rebecca Black: i have backstabbed like a million times now ########## ---------- 3.14159: no doubt ---------- Rebecca Black: i have backstabbed everyone on kdice ########## ---------- Rebecca Black: its funny ---------- 3.14159: not a surprise ---------- 3.14159: you 3%ers don't change ---------- Rebecca Black: they always fall for it ---------- Rebecca Black: for some reason they never leanr ---------- Rebecca Black: i backstabbed on 500 table once ---------- 3.14159: feeling better? ---------- Rebecca Black: pie you should have seen that backstab that was epic ---------- Rebecca Black: my backstab in a tourney ---------- 3.14159: seen one, seen them all ---------- Rebecca Black: on everyone ---------- 3.14159: you don't really think you are special do you? ---------- 3.14159: not really? ---------- Rebecca Black: i got 1st place in a tourney backstabbing ---------- 3.14159: hey, if you enjoy being a jerk, so be it ---------- 3.14159: but don't think that it makes you special ---------- Rebecca Black: it was epic pie ---------- 3.14159: being one of the 3% is "rare" in once sense... ---------- 3.14159: but not special ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah it has been a while though pie i missed you ---------- 3.14159: i know you did ---------- Rebecca Black: i took a couple months off of kdice though ---------- 3.14159: that is how it works ---------- Rebecca Black: college work and stuff ---------- 3.14159: your bad acts aren't as fun unless people notice, right? ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah ---------- 3.14159: what bad thing will you do in THIS game? ---------- Rebecca Black: pie you were my only friend in kdice ---------- 3.14159: i'm sorry to tell you: we were not friends ---------- 3.14159: my pity for you remains, however ---------- Rebecca Black: the only one who truly understood me ---------- 3.14159: now, now, everyone knows what a jerk is ---------- 3.14159: others just don't tell you so ---------- Rebecca Black: yeah ---------- 3.14159: so rest easy--you have many "friends" of that kind--those who know you as a jerk ---------- 3.14159: yeah ---------- Rebecca Black: pie im actually a really good player ---------- Rebecca Black: when i play legit ---------- 3.14159: you cannot go non-legit and then legit ---------- 3.14159: to think so is only fooling yourself ---------- Rebecca Black: sorry pie ---------- 3.14159: the non-legit part makes everything non- legit ---------- Rebecca Black: i have to attack you ---------- 3.14159: you are forgiven--you are what you are and the game is the game ---------- 3.14159: forgiven for the attacks THIS game, by the way--not for being a jerk in general ---------- 3.14159: that is NOT forgiven ---------- Rebecca Black: thank you ---------- 3.14159: just wanted to clarify ---------- Rebecca Black: flag red ---------- 3.14159: flag red ---------- Bonman: Same Red ---------- 3.14159: hmmm, a former customer of yours, green? [Note: Rebecca Black had a nice lead in 1st but flagged to red in order to fight me. Red did NOT accept Rebecca Black's flag, attacked him, as we all did, and Rebecca Black took 4th place when a better person who hadn't made so many enemies would have taken 1st or 2nd.] ---------- 3.14159: perhaps people DO remember and get it ---------- 3.14159: i flag to you yellow ---------- Bonman: k ---------- 3.14159: green is away ---------- 3.14159: coward ---------- 3.14159: gg
3.14159 on Friday August 31, 2012
Total troll
goodytwoshoes on Wednesday August 29, 2012
Trolling troll is trolling.
oppyu on Wednesday August 29, 2012
Maniak3 on Wednesday August 29, 2012
MilkaElefant on Friday April 27, 2012
you are SO crazy!
loveandpeace on Sunday March 25, 2012
calls herself a 1st class backstabber so it is true
serra89 on Sunday March 11, 2012
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