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Fatih Sultan

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doesnt respect flags on tourneys and is telling lies. please kill him asap! thank you!
Salige on Friday March 26, 2021
dumbest and cowardest player i've ever seen. just chases 1/2 2/3 all the time
Jungen on Saturday January 9, 2021
please behave like a adult person. Or admit you're a child that didn't have a decent growup
Armanelo on Sunday October 8, 2017
Dumbest turk I ever seen
EnzoNieri on Tuesday January 3, 2017
pga with EnzoNieri
ASAP_STANKY on Sunday December 11, 2016
dumber than a post
crzywabbit on Sunday October 30, 2016
biggest moron player ever. Also back stabbed in game when she realized she had an opportunity to do so. don't trust.
SlackTide on Sunday October 30, 2016
Stabber. Do not trust
PeterHitchens on Tuesday September 13, 2016
This player's lack of intelligence is accompanied by a surfeit of deceit, petulance and abusiveness. Kill on sight
Killroy on Monday September 12, 2016
he loves dick in any part of his body. he wont shut up about how good it feels in his ass when his dad fucks him.
Varelsa on Sunday September 11, 2016
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