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lilmissmouse wrote
at 10:04 AM, Monday November 12, 2012 EST
Stawp teasing us with all this here but not here cray cray business. Can't you see we all love you? Can't you see we need you here? What kind of relationship is this anyway?
eTron000 wrote
at 11:42 PM, Saturday April 7, 2012 EDT
I wish I could quit you..
hotmoltenlava wrote
at 1:18 AM, Friday March 23, 2012 EDT
Nems! the song was friday by goldspot

also, listen to peter bradley adams

and i'm throwing in trent dabbs cuz i feel generous <3
VictoriaJ wrote
at 11:34 PM, Wednesday February 8, 2012 EST
I forgeeeev you!!!!! Best frands 4 ever?
UglyConnor wrote
at 2:08 PM, Thursday December 29, 2011 EST
No problem man! Glad you enjoyed it :D
karebear2322 wrote
at 2:38 AM, Tuesday December 27, 2011 EST
lol yes its allowed ;P can't wait to sketch with ya again! :D
karebear2322 wrote
at 12:50 AM, Monday December 26, 2011 EST
also, haven't seen you on in a little while..you should get on more :3
karebear2322 wrote
at 12:43 AM, Monday December 26, 2011 EST
Merry Christmas Nemo :)
karebear2322 wrote
at 3:42 AM, Thursday December 15, 2011 EST
Thanks for the awesome review! :3
Richard Leonardo wrote
at 1:41 PM, Sunday November 6, 2011 EST
I love your avi!
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