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Recognized on 5:30 AM, Wednesday November 21, 2012 EST by jurgen
good job with the 11111 challenge and sorry that I forgot about yours (http://kdice.com/discussion/topics/44813642?page=last)

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Don't say "faggot", It's not a hard rule to follow. +chat +play BigDaddyKane 6:07 AM, Sunday December 28, 2014 EST
aminal: faggot -chat -play BigDaddyKane 5:37 AM, Friday December 19, 2014 EST

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avesano on Sunday October 20, 2019
honorable and fun to play against
DIVELIZ on Friday October 4, 2019
I'm changing my review to reflect the change I've noticed in this player's way of playing and in addressing other players. It's a welcome change and I have been enjoying playing against him.
chipati on Sunday September 29, 2019
Never seen anybody playing so dirty. Backstabbing in tourney every game. So sad to see him here
eljavi on Friday September 6, 2019
is asking for kill points... granting him... but not giving a kill point. how lame!
Salige on Friday August 16, 2019
backstabber on 5k
Schabowy on Friday February 26, 2016
ahnbohwan on Sunday February 21, 2016
http://kdice.com/games/73438058 I will try and warn you face to face later but this is already a written warning, asking you to watch you language better (even when you're upset in a game). thanks!
jurgen on Friday February 12, 2016
Adreu on Saturday February 6, 2016
Kind of a douche
Drucifer85 on Monday December 8, 2014
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