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Clueless prick that farms and is a general nuissance to the game. Shoot at sight.
Louis Cypher on Thursday February 25, 2021
flag ignoring piece of shit in tourney
makakilo on Friday February 5, 2021
crap bitch
kamikaze Mike on Sunday January 31, 2021
could have cut him in 4 rounds and he simply did not reply...very cheap strategy and forever lost my respect
SHO-GUN on Sunday December 27, 2020
Dont give a kill..so dont give him also
Aleksa_bre on Monday December 21, 2020
Stabby McStabberson
MrsGrendler on Tuesday December 8, 2020
bad player, teaming with MrsGrendler
Terkal on Sunday December 6, 2020
plays pga or truce with other known players
Tippy G on Tuesday October 3, 2017
avesano on Wednesday June 21, 2017
This 3 players: -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows He made private server of this game kdice unfortunately he downloaded server from Rayana without any euro. He enter on table to table from 0 points table to 100 points table, 500 points table and he accused how bivo play game with bosnian mafia. He have night nightmare from player BIVO because he know she are low from BIVO player. Than cry and public accused how Bivo play in clan with Bosnian Mafia. She are not unaware that Bivo is the best player in world and hacker. He can't destroy his account's, he played with him and she doesn't know for that. Jurgen and Integral help : -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows when this 3 player pose from anybody, that man recieve - play - chat - re register. That know fair administrator and quick sanctioned. I will give you next reasons: silent trucing most of your games with Kurton/Gilipter is pga, take 2 weeks off -play integral 10:57 PM, Monday May 2, 2016 EDT This show how much is fair administrator. And show how much is fair, and he don't take ban with not inactive time. Soon Kdice Goodbye for all time. This i will upload on youtube to know that it is fair, and again he will again see to ban me. He don't know that i have 100.000 accounts. -deffonotTimer -hcdug -Jack Barrows Soon goodbye your's medals and months for you play without reason. All this Rayan must read and other player that are accused for Pga Bivo Kurton.
Osman Mal on Wednesday August 24, 2016
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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