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Nice guy.
Distorted on Wednesday July 15, 2015
Denied my flag based on me attacking him 4 rounds prior. Because attacking someone in the game is totally grounds for denying their flag. Bahaha, don't sit with me kid. I'll just fuck you in the face.______________Yet you're still afraid to sit with me. Lol
Drucifer85 on Thursday April 24, 2014
i like your style
Greenhorn91 on Monday April 7, 2014
Honorable. Agreed to a roll and stuck with the result even though he was the most powerful on the board and it ended his tournament.
Soromon on Monday January 6, 2014
backstabber. never trust this idiot. he flaggs you and fucks you. another one of those pga kiddies. no honour no plan of this game
Fieselfink on Saturday November 16, 2013
fuck you sistr and beybi pga idiot delte acc never never top 100 asholle!! BAD PGA PLAYER WITH MWixxx AND PLAYER DONT RESPECT FLAGED PGA TABLE 0 POINTS!
bivo on Saturday November 16, 2013
Sorry sack of shit.
cadpilot on Thursday November 7, 2013
PGA with bigbarbe
Gul Sno on Friday October 25, 2013
don't trust accept flag and then backstabbs incredible
Mkfrant on Wednesday October 23, 2013
nice player
parsifal on Monday October 21, 2013
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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