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threatening another player is not allowed at all. -changeAvatar -chat -play -post -re-register Amber Dyer 10:10 PM, Wednesday August 3, 2011 EDT

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superxchloe on Wednesday August 3, 2011
perhaps the nice nurse lets him play on the biG c0mP00teR....serious mental problems...
Gangstrrr on Thursday July 28, 2011
pga with wilky
Hollibasti on Thursday July 28, 2011
@ignatius pretty sure you didnt even flag me:P and also i didnt accept it
hallaballo on Thursday July 28, 2011
Extremely rude and having huge mental issues. Should be banned from this game long ago. Insults other players constantly. If he flags anyone, you can be sure he will backstab you as soon he can. If you come across, kill him!
Adrian_TY on Wednesday July 27, 2011
good player
kryp2nite08 on Sunday July 24, 2011
surely he is a backstabber and doesnt know the rules he doesnt really play well and fairly such as asshole i dont know why... kids these days
Kwang Young Ko on Wednesday July 13, 2011
Decent fellow. Ignatius on Tuesday July 5, 2011 awwwwe, thanks. hahaha. it was fun.
KANSR_1 on Tuesday July 5, 2011
Backstabber, backstabber, backstabber!
@mbie on Thursday June 30, 2011
faggot pga
IMaNINJA on Thursday June 30, 2011
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