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Bartek Dreszler

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backstabber doesnt respect flags and above that, he is an idiot.
ojosdehuever on Friday July 31, 2015
Really nasty guy. Will talk in Polish with his compatriots to silently backstab all others.
generalissimus S on Monday May 18, 2015
noob, only attack me
TheGawron666 on Monday May 18, 2015
Ok, I get there is nothing at stake on O level table, but you can't just interfere in a 3/4 fight and kill the players arbitrarily, this isn't very fair!
Puccino on Tuesday May 12, 2015
insults other players
kojisvista on Sunday February 1, 2015
timquick on Monday September 22, 2014
DJCrowther on Tuesday April 22, 2014
dumb and unfair as shit, prefered to flag to someone who was smaller and who had less dice (but the same nationality) instead of going on with the fair fight he already had with me - be sure i wont forget you forced me to throw away my 1st just to get 3rd
Mrs. M on Friday April 11, 2014
terrible player. a maniac
hawkinsjt on Tuesday March 18, 2014
agree with rest, don't respect flags, will suck dick for 50pts
zjs.xa1 on Thursday November 21, 2013
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