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lol... I love your edit to your review for me. Well played :)
WillDeed on Saturday June 20, 2020
Great and respectable player...Awesome to be around!
Carloos on Friday June 5, 2020
MrsGrendler's turn chepukas defended 6v2, 12 to 12, (3,1,1,2,4,1 to 6,6)
Tiger Woods PGA on Monday April 20, 2020
jaja on Friday January 17, 2020
Collaborated with proxy accounts and left kill for them.
AoA on Thursday January 9, 2020
Did a bad flag at beginning of round but honoured the flag when could have gotten out of it by letting me be killed. Respect to Grendler
Created on Tuesday December 17, 2019
A player that has moments of real good understanding and gameplay! But, like most of us including myself, also has others.
Louis Cypher on Wednesday December 4, 2019
kanye west fangirl/boy
gtzlat on Friday August 16, 2019
He and Secret Powers work together. Don't trust either of them. They are probably the same person.
Kylo Ren on Saturday February 16, 2019
not accept flag in tournament
gengis khan on Monday August 13, 2018
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