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thanks for being nice to see what i wrote
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voluntary self ban over +play skrumgaer 8:44 PM, Tuesday January 15, 2013 EST
-play by request, any mod can restore -play MadHat_Sam 11:28 AM, Thursday January 10, 2013 EST

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good, fair player.
smull on Friday July 18, 2014
Angry sore loser. Funny.
gtalum on Tuesday May 27, 2014
fair player
dom99 on Wednesday February 12, 2014
PGA with igino
Help, I'm a rock on Saturday November 9, 2013
stupid player who doent respect flags
@asd_asdfg123 on Tuesday January 29, 2013
very good player.
Souper Hero on Friday January 25, 2013
Honest and respectful
Big JumbIies on Friday January 18, 2013
very unfair player. 2v1'd me (which you can do, np) but even thinks this is fair
flughund on Tuesday December 18, 2012
gets mardy if u attack him.
Glen Carr on Sunday December 16, 2012
dont ask me why dont accept flag
katavut on Tuesday November 27, 2012
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