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Farmer! Watch out
spineiro on Wednesday October 24, 2012
Smart and more than fair player :)
aleksazp on Sunday September 30, 2012
fucking backstabber
Lorenzo von Matt on Sunday September 30, 2012
fuck you sistr and beybi ashole delte acc create new acc!
bivo on Friday June 3, 2011
PGA with Bivo
EasyMoney on Thursday June 2, 2011
Grimss's turn Pincha Locura defeated 2v5, 10 to 9, (6,4 to 1,1,1,4,2)
Pincha Locura on Wednesday June 1, 2011
Extremely honorable, doesn't tolerate dishonor at the tables.
Andrew Dice K on Monday May 23, 2011
PGA with bruno_eldubor
TriG8 on Friday May 20, 2011
Talks on the phone while playing so don't expect him to see you flag. Even if its a tourny
zaaaannnnnn on Wednesday May 18, 2011
seemed fair int he game we played, rolled off and acepted 5th
Jund on Monday May 16, 2011
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