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Bad loser, tried to be sneaky flagging the person who had flagged everyone but him then started crying when the flag wasnt accepted, leaving bad reviews... all round idiot
bartlemy on Wednesday October 26, 2011
Do not trust. Flagged then backstabbed me during a tournament just because he did not like the fact I accepted the flag of another player. Then followed me to another table in the tournament complaining about it.
@LMxyz on Wednesday October 26, 2011
smart player
Supersnor on Saturday October 15, 2011
bad loser
Kdot on Wednesday October 12, 2011
dumbass, gave me a review saying I was pga with someone I haven't met. I flagged 3rd, he got 4th. A big idiot who doesn't know how to play, but has a dirty mouth.
IamBadtman on Tuesday October 11, 2011
complete idiot and noob, he flagged saying " flag to green below me", i was teal, so i attacked him., then he leaved a bad rewiew on my wall saying i backstab.... man, learn to write , and learn to play and know players, i never backstab and you commit an error, not me.... so please, respect and take out the stupid rewiew from my wall
celta on Friday October 7, 2011
complete idiot thinks he won a roll where he got 24 and i got 28 go back to first grade and learn how to count
akwroc on Friday September 30, 2011
refuses flag to farm -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
fuzzymcfuzz on Monday September 26, 2011
dont respect flags bad player fucking noob
alfred jodokus q on Sunday September 18, 2011
spends the whole game spewing profanities
Wallw on Friday September 16, 2011
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