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@Niafronniste: I fail to see how I'm a backstabber, when I only took you out because you went afk and the rest of the players wanted the game to end. It was a 0 table and you were already 5th anyways, so get over it. @widukind: You backstabbed two people to get 1st, so I fail to see how that makes you better than me.
The Dark Magicia on Friday February 10, 2012
Niafronniste on Friday February 10, 2012
whiny bitch who doesnt understand kdice. helped him secure 2nd in a desperate fight and he still complained
widukind on Sunday February 5, 2012
all I can say is he is an immature child. he doesn't have any common respect for anyone but himself. backstabber. PGA: booo_voll_hart + Kwang Young Ko + The Dark Magicia. lol on your grandma. hahahaha. hope she is suffering in hell.
qcauggxq on Sunday September 25, 2011
nice guy!!! :) had fun to play with him ;)
booo_voll_hart on Sunday July 17, 2011
he ok
Sensei_Mata on Saturday July 16, 2011
do not turst he is a backstabber
concon on Saturday July 16, 2011
he is a respectful guy who honors the flag no matter which situation he is in
Kwang Young Ko on Friday July 15, 2011
[email protected] on Saturday July 9, 2011
smart and fair player.. though he will sometimes confuse himself, but most of the time he fixed his brain when it happened.
Lil NinjaMan on Saturday June 18, 2011
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