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well. bivo likes him. that about sums it up.
timquick on Saturday August 16, 2014
good player!!
bivo on Sunday November 4, 2012
Friendly player, has an aggressive play style but is fair and honorable. Pleasure at the table with or without some friendly trash talk.
Khallaria on Tuesday April 5, 2011
Lol, annoying little kid who doesn't have any repect for anyone. PGAing. Kinda funny, trying to defend yourself by posting a self review, guilty as charged. Don't trust this punk, rude, swears a lot and never respects anyone. "If I hurt anyone's feeling in the game. I apologize. I would never deliberately try to hurt anyone. I think I'm a really nice guy. I will try my best in keeping my moral code and not disrespect anyone." LOL, what a bs statement. Nice try darkness ;), the real HOT darkness is me ;)
XdarkchaotixX on Monday February 14, 2011
Look at XdarkchaotixX's review, lol, he called me a PGA because I reported his PGA. And PolPilfLarimda is a 12 year old kid who got too emotional for no reason. Totally idiot too. Sacrificed his chance of 1st just to kill me and got last place above me.
LordDarkness on Monday February 14, 2011
naive, tries to control the game for 3 other player tied, in last place, in a corner.
PolfPilfLarimda on Sunday February 13, 2011
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