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Sandro Haag

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Flags, then messes your game up, claims he is bored.
TekManiac on Sunday November 13, 2011
this guy loves sucking cock and cant wait to get his hands on yours!!!!
anteater on Saturday February 26, 2011
PGA. cheats
Kitch15 on Friday February 25, 2011
pga stupid shit
houdek on Wednesday February 23, 2011
mjcm on Monday February 21, 2011
Sandro Haag: red together on yel? Phippu: green wanna truce against yell? KamiKazi1: why dont u betray ur flag then 2, we're just all newbs here Phippu: ok KamiKazi1: see -- THEY ALLIE AND BETRAY THEIR FLAGS, NEVER TRUST THESE TWO!!
KamiKazi1 on Sunday February 20, 2011
idiot player, dont respect flags and pga with hurenbob!!! dont trust him... fucked player, ban!!!
zioro2 on Sunday February 20, 2011
just an idiot
skillz999 on Sunday February 20, 2011
noob farmer
dahlin_351 on Wednesday February 9, 2011
noob ..total shit... fuck your self moron...
Robertass on Monday January 10, 2011
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