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Pretends to accept flags, then stabs for kills or whatever
generalissimus S on Thursday December 3, 2020
PGA with extratime and Big Karina
NoddyAce on Friday October 14, 2016
does not accept flags
Terkal on Tuesday January 5, 2016
pga with Kurton and michl
the brain on Sunday November 29, 2015
Proxy pga account. Do not trust.
Smoke Two Joints on Sunday February 23, 2014
Dom whore
Gul Sno on Monday November 18, 2013
Backstabber and farmer. Will not answer when someone flags him and as soon as he is first he starts stabbing everyone to farm, ruining all fair fights.
DonCapuco on Monday November 18, 2013
Baschstabber -- [This review was automatically posted using Deadcode Tools for KDice. Download: http://kdice.com/profile/44773121]
Brennwert on Sunday November 17, 2013
farmer, backstabber, kills in disrespect of the places that have been agreed by the game.
jjjonasP on Saturday November 16, 2013
2013-11-16 Connan The Barba is a terrible 1st place player. Connan was teal. We had four players remaining; yellow flagged to Connan, I followed with my flag to Connan, blue then flagged to Connan. All three of us had flagged to Connan. In addition Connan was way bigger than the rest of us--he was bigger than the three of us combined. Then he started attacking us one-by-one. He never got around to me because I quit in third rather than be a party to his terrible play. Connan is a 3%er, a guy who makes things worse for the other 97% of us.
Urbi et Orbi on Saturday November 16, 2013
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