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PGA with ChiiKo
evilmorte on Tuesday April 5, 2011
pga with sandro haag dont trust him
Darek Szewczyk on Wednesday March 23, 2011
pga with bestsellec and backstabber. a stupid noob anyway
Sion8 on Tuesday March 22, 2011
doesnt respect flags stupid player
mo chara on Tuesday March 22, 2011
pga with ichbineinjude and donaldd
HGWXX7 on Monday March 21, 2011
pga with Matus Vadoc. backstabber also .
gen. sherman on Saturday March 19, 2011
beware! says he flags and backstabs when he can get better position
Beagle on Saturday March 19, 2011
one of the bigges Idiot i ever met. Kind of a dipshit.
gabi6 on Friday March 18, 2011
he's a very pathetic player
Ampyxx on Wednesday March 16, 2011
Was battling for 2 already had 2nd flag up and pointless wiped me out during mid battle with the other player going for 2.... Very dishonest and very annoying. No respect, no fun
leea1776 on Wednesday March 16, 2011
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