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very honorable player!
gtzlat on Friday November 2, 2018
Rafkrik on Monday September 17, 2018
strange play
Tiger Woods PGA on Tuesday September 11, 2018
asdzxc on Sunday August 12, 2018
what a lovely genuine player thanks for the game
gadgie on Sunday May 7, 2017
Flagged to him, didn't respect it. Asked if he was going to respect it, he said he was, then when it was his turn, he attacked me and said that it was just a game. Basically your typical scum player. I did flag, he even laughed and said he didn't care. Called me derogatory names because I am a girl. Kept on and on. Very inappropriate, very nasty. Very hurtful person. Won't ever play with him again.
Bloue on Friday July 22, 2016
Bloue didn't flag. Flagged the other player. Six rounds later I took one of his lands. He proceeded with sexist and derogatory language.
prairiehobo on Monday July 18, 2016
Ruined me multiple times in tournament for no reason other than to be a cocksucker. Just hope next time I play at a table with him his vagina isn't bloody.
Dick Tucker on Wednesday June 22, 2016
Great player! Always a pleasure to compete against. Cheers prairiehobo~
~Beer~ on Wednesday June 22, 2016
cool guy, and smart player. good luck!
barry gateaux on Monday May 23, 2016
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