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Adriano Fiorello

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Restored please refraing from cheating +changeAvatar +chat +play +post Rowdyazell 1:32 PM, Tuesday March 29, 2011 EDT
PGA Point funnel Please learn to play your own game 1 day ban for 1st offense -changeAvatar -chat -play -post Rowdyazell 3:41 PM, Monday March 28, 2011 EDT
don't pga and discuss game strategy in Italian please +play jurgen 2:20 AM, Thursday February 3, 2011 EST
pga team: nabbo, adriano fiorello and ivano colelli -play jurgen 9:53 AM, Saturday January 22, 2011 EST

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noob, just a simple and easy NOOOB
celta on Wednesday April 6, 2011
acts like a fucker in tourney, kills you when flagged.. pga highly suspected
PRESIDENT N° 1 on Saturday April 2, 2011
Maiar on Saturday March 26, 2011
pga indeed
Ilumael on Tuesday March 22, 2011
pga with team_noob
Xeddem on Tuesday March 8, 2011
Desminos on Friday March 4, 2011
pga with team_noob
benzabenza on Friday February 11, 2011
Pga with Adriano Fiorello and Nabbo, lame, to play like noobs on 0 and 100 table.
Redge100 on Saturday January 22, 2011
nabbo & Adriano Fiorello are PGA plz confirm!
iceD on Saturday January 22, 2011
nabbo & Adriano Fiorello are PGA plz confirm!
Dampée on Saturday January 22, 2011
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