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A man's word is all that he has. And his balls. he must take care to not lose them. (game chat)
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PSK wrote
at 9:02 AM, Wednesday February 2, 2011 EST
i am back in business guys :)
PSK wrote
at 3:33 AM, Thursday January 20, 2011 EST
will be inactive till march..hepofully
PSK wrote
at 3:45 AM, Sunday January 16, 2011 EST
amazing reply by scaramanga in post
scaramanga wrote
at 3:30 AM, Tuesday December 21, 2010 CST
great idea.

except - i advise against it.

FIRST, whenever you open up a table, it will take at least ten attempts to get the kind of table you were looking for, e.g. a 100 table.

you will THEN be CURSED playing at that table, i.e.

-your setup will be shitty, few territories without substantial stacks and all dispersed

-any promising territories and minor stacks you should happen to have will be placed on the connecting link territory between two even bigger stacks of someone whose turn is before yours

-you get to start rather late and any minor stacks you had will have been killed by the time you get to play,

-most of your territories will be in the middle, yet

-you will not be able to connect substantially

-if during the game there is the odd chance of a spectacular longreaching and promising connect for you, it will reliably fail at the final connecting 2v1

-whatever few restacks you get will be sent to the place where you want them least, usually the island you want to lose desperately

-islands you want to lose will be avoided by the other players like the plague

-if other players happen to attack the islands you wish to lose, those islands will defend heroically even at -2 odds

-your own rolls will fail dependably, especially any +odds rolls in the first round: reliable fail

-you will quickly realize that four of the other players are from a turkish or brazilian PGA; side benefit: you wont understand a word of their laughter while they tear you another one

-the other two players will turn out to be alts of sworn PGEs of you

-every time just before its your turn one of the following things will hapen:
*the boss, a customer or your spouse will enter the room,
*your connection will have a lag surge or
*your browsers java will deliver an application crash

-those situations will not be rectified until your turn is over

-in the unlikely event that even one of the other players is not PGA or PGE and actually willing to accept your flag but demand from you to "show a real flag immediately or else...", then the respective flag # that should be shown according to your map placement either will not show, or it will show but will not register your check

-needless to say you will be greeted and then harassed and insulted all along in english, spanish and french plus mystified by unintelligible scandinavian, german, slavic or turkish comments that you cannot identify 100% as insults but you have a solid suspicion that they are just that

-after your demise you will be sent off under a hail of abusive ridicule.


in other words,
it will be just another typical kdicde game.

hence my recommendation not to open up yet another one of them cesspools of frustration

g hf
PSK wrote
at 4:39 AM, Thursday January 13, 2011 EST
wow thats some luck
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