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pga player and raccist too
Bonululu on Saturday September 10, 2011
PGA with SkinnedKnee and also as a bonus a disgusting racist. Kept calling me nig*er.
r0n on Wednesday August 24, 2011
pathetic noob needs to pga to win, get bent
Hallow Nite on Monday August 8, 2011
"SweetHeart123: brown free my 8 stack ". And then brown suicides into everyone else and frees her 8 stack. HANDED her teh game. Was the biggest PGA i've ever seen or the other "player" was her clone account.
FYYFF on Saturday August 6, 2011
Seriously, I hope you see this persons reviews before or during play....I witnessed them perform a huge backstab. I would never respect a flag from this player again you should not either (verbal or official), as sweetheart (Fat CUNT) was flagged 2nd when decided to kill first place.
nixx on Monday July 25, 2011
aj 14 on Monday July 25, 2011
won't accept a flag
kudoukun on Wednesday July 20, 2011
same remark, don't accept flag , didn't let player play, don't hesitate to kill him
loulou350 on Tuesday July 5, 2011
3v1 me and felt fine about it. I think he/she understand a "flag" as i will help this play win first.
juicyj6789 on Saturday June 18, 2011
nice player! love her style.
nin2 on Thursday June 16, 2011
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