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attacks flagged players.
Galvers on Tuesday October 16, 2012
Lol Rkoeman04, you wrote that review to all who detected your PGA with Silvia22 =)
Blah Qwe on Wednesday January 12, 2011
is a lammer and headick deshonorous player and no respect flags pga with potato27 and dfa9a
Rkoeman04 on Friday January 7, 2011
honest player! could have easily screwed me over but did not do so.
dikkie on Wednesday January 5, 2011
doesn't accept flags rationalizes everything to justify what he wants to do
jfdis on Thursday December 23, 2010
Dude always says he didn't see flags when it's obvious he did. Total tool.
HGWXX7 on Friday November 26, 2010
Hey asshole, if two players don't attack themselves cause they are truced before the game started, thats at least suspicious, but that's no reason not to trust me.
esteban_ on Thursday November 18, 2010
no respect for real flags
Marsyas on Thursday November 4, 2010
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