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aschlok mann
omnur on Friday January 21, 2011
biggest idiot ı ever seen
sukur on Thursday December 23, 2010
love my reviews from noobs lol you look at there stats and you can have a laugh... lol its true me and warpig are friends but if you knew how to watch a table you would see that we attack each other all the time..and too be honest we rarely ever play same table but its funny noobs get confused on why they are losing but thats why they are still on 50/100 tables warpig and me are both good players so obviously we arent gonna go out 5th 6th 7th like the rest ya nubs! :)
The420 on Tuesday December 21, 2010
d0es not respect real flags!
Loser_krez on Thursday December 9, 2010
My experience matches the majority here. An asshole!
biblio on Thursday December 9, 2010
PGA with warpig11. Bullshit move and you know it!
Dr_BB69 on Wednesday November 24, 2010
pga with warpig11. Just wiped out the whole board.
evilsamurai on Wednesday November 24, 2010
idiot. not nice player. does not respect anyone. avoid.
nin2 on Friday November 5, 2010
Nice guy.
Rowen on Wednesday October 27, 2010
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