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Sorry is not flags --' yous n0obs is not comme play
Joao Dias on Friday August 3, 2012
Wow dude...... you should've been spanked more as a child... Tell your mom she only has two years left before you're a full blown out of control teenager!!!!
~Beer~ on Wednesday February 29, 2012
Doesn't seem to grasp much at all
uber_meister on Sunday December 4, 2011
he dont accept flags (in tourmanent)
Bandit1 on Wednesday October 19, 2011
vendetta2 on Thursday September 1, 2011
we were in a tournament, everyone flagged to him, but suddenly he atttacked all flaggers and killed all, without reason. NOT OKEY !!
Crybaby on Saturday August 20, 2011
asshole, idiot.... dont respect flag .. kill him first... &=>(.)
zioro2 on Saturday August 20, 2011
a complete asshole, kill him at sight
nexeto on Saturday August 20, 2011
Doesn't respect flags. Kill on sight.
Nackt Schläfer on Friday August 5, 2011
no respect for falgs total Dick
BIGPIO on Thursday August 4, 2011
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