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I Love Stabbing...Its Fun
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Rock_N_Rolla85 on Tuesday January 24, 2012
seeb on Sunday January 1, 2012
Will 2v1 you. Watch out.
CammellRoeg on Saturday December 31, 2011
HE SURE LOVES BACKSTABBING ALRIGHT! 2k tourney, final table: he is 1st and I'm flagged to him, he accepts & a few rounds later he fucks me over GREAT WAY TO PLAY
Fre4k on Thursday December 29, 2011
Holds the record for worlds smallest penis.
Buttwank on Wednesday December 14, 2011
doesen't respect flags
Psilos13 on Tuesday December 13, 2011
nothing more than a backstabbing whore will stab in tourney.
axlehammer on Monday December 5, 2011
Fonias on Monday December 5, 2011
No need to even call this guy a 'backstabber' because let's face it - he has 'I Love Stabbing...Its Fun [sic]' set as his description for one thing. However, burn me once... Let me just say that I've met some arseholes in my time on kdice - real vermin. People I wouldn't piss on even if they were on fire and begging for me to put them out of their misery. People who range from backstabby to foul-mouthed to petulant to racist and all the way back round again. I'd still probably play against them again though. Usually because even though they take liberties or act like cunts, it's still fun playing against them. They can play well if they want, and it's a joy to try and get one over on them, fuck up their game and wipe them off the map. However, I don't feel the need to ever play against this guy ever again. Not out of spite, but out of sheer mind-numbing boredom. After all, if he willingly admits to fucking people over in every game he plays, then what's the point of even sitting in? I'll know from the off that he's going to do the same thing each time. BORING. I don't want to watch endless repeats of Shawshank Redemption til I die, listen to Back in Black on constant repeat for all eternity or eat chicken for dinner every night of the week (NB: these things are at least interesting the second time you do them), so why the fuck would I play against the same stabby troll more than once? Guy's a fart in a world of roses.
freebiejeebies on Saturday December 3, 2011
cocksucking piece of shit
Wayne_Kerr on Saturday December 3, 2011
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