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bad account name -chat -play -post jurgen 5:05 PM, Saturday February 20, 2016 EST
bad avatar -avatar Ryan 12:17 PM, Saturday February 20, 2016 EST
no more sharing accounts please +play jurgen 3:45 AM, Wednesday May 4, 2011 EDT
account sharing on jack tha ripper -play jurgen 3:27 PM, Friday April 29, 2011 EDT

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pga little bitch
absolut3886 on Friday June 3, 2011
tourney pga with fatgirl_x idiot bitch
Ploki on Friday May 27, 2011
pagram on Tuesday April 19, 2011
DEFINITE PGA WITH FATMAN. Huge retard. Gave me a bad comment for no reason. Got his friend to give me comments too, He is a sad weirdo who solely devotes his life to kdice but he cheats all the time so it's a bit stupid, anyways this guy is the biggest frekshow out there. Dont give him a chance to be a dickhead because he will be one if you talk to him at all
FatCatFrazer on Monday April 11, 2011
@Totallytossem on Thursday March 3, 2011
liar and a poor loser. racist piece of shit. lol great reviews bud, keep it up!!
thebayou on Tuesday January 4, 2011
backstabber and annoying pos
bartlemy on Monday December 20, 2010
pga with fatman
Henrik on Wednesday December 15, 2010
Lives up to hiw name. PGA sith Ceban.
Brandon Schreck on Wednesday November 24, 2010
kill on sight disrespected my 2nd place... pga
Grumpfish on Wednesday November 24, 2010
KDice - Multiplayer Dice War
KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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