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PGA with "Go Big Red" and "Je55i". This is really a sick guy, not to trust, not to talk to. To ignore and to avoid.
Asyloth on Thursday May 26, 2011
Nice rack! I can tell by her eyes.
Go Big Red on Thursday May 26, 2011
Nice player and good fun!
Kerberus on Tuesday May 17, 2011
Je55i + DAVID_WONG = PGA. DAVID_WONG is a crybaby. Je55i is a dude pretending to be a chick. Je55i is very vulgar, sexually depraved and Je55i needs to get a fucking life.
unko on Sunday April 10, 2011
Easy there kiddo, girls are nothing to me, women all the way! Aka, you wont hear more from me ;) Take care.
AlphaKnight on Sunday March 27, 2011
backstabbed me and others
Peter Griffin on Saturday March 19, 2011
what the hell?? i had everyones flag and you just killed me and knocked me out of the tournament for no reason? bitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitchbitch
FreeFalling321 on Saturday February 26, 2011
Nice gaming with you, Jessi.
jf220 on Sunday January 30, 2011
always a pleasure, very fair and honest player, she plays hard but always honourable, good luck jessi in life and dice :D
barmat on Wednesday January 26, 2011
nice playing ;)
tabularasa on Tuesday January 25, 2011
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KDice is a multiplayer strategy online game played in monthly competitions. It's like Risk. The goal is to win every territory on the map.
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